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Reel Around Manchester
Morrissey and Marr meet
The Smiths first pratice space
The Ritz
Holy Name Church
Salford Lads Club
The Manhattan
The Hacienda
Free Trade Hall
384 Kings Road
The Iron Bridge
Southern Cemetery
Morrissey Mosaic
Piccadilly Gardens
The Manchester Evening News Arena
New Year's Eve Goth Night
Manchester Miscellaneous
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This site is to show all the Smiths and Morrissey attractions in Manchester. It would not be possible without my wonderful girlfriend, Jennifer who booked us a trip to Manchester 12/26/05 thru 01/02/06 for my Christmas present. "My Heart Goes Out To You". Also a very special thanks to Phil Gatenby for writing the wonderful book Morrissey's Manchester and Grim O' Grady for all the help and information.. Cheers, Mates..

If you find a mistake please contact me so I can change it.
I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I did.